counselling and nature-based therapy

Mobile:  07765 337752          Email:  counselling@naturespace.org.uk                    



Individual Counselling


Initial consultation and assessment, per hour           £45.00

Subsequent 50 minute sessions                               £45.00

Longer sessions, please ask for details.


Outdoor therapeutic sessions


Initial consultation and assessment session

(indoors), per hour                                                       £45.00

Subsequent outdoor sessions, per hour                      £45.00


Couples and Family counselling and Contract counselling


Please contact me for more details on fees.


Indoor Therapeutic Activities:

For individuals or a small group. Please contact me for further information on costs.  There may be ways of funding such activities though direct payments or similar schemes


Group workshops:

Indoor and Outdoor Therapeutic and Creative Activities

Please contact me to discuss possibilities. I can design a programme to suit your particular requirements and budget.


Consultancy and Organisational Work:

Health and Well-being

Initial Consultation   £50.00 per hour

Working with organisations on project design, facilitation

and training             £150 - £300 per day


For further details on fees please contact me

Tel:   07765 337752

Email: counselling@naturespace.org.uk






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